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Hi there. I'm Jonathan. Welcome to my home on the internet…

‎⁨‎⁨Golden Gate Bridge⁩, ⁨San Francisco⁩ • Taken on an ⁨iPhone X⁩

I've been writing on the web in one inconsitent form or another for the last 16+ years. I started writing about philosophy, which was far more noble than my subsequent endeavors. This quickly segued into a tech news blog, to a website specifically about Apple, to a Health & Fitness stint, to where we are today: The Next Waffle.

The old proverb, "better late than never" is routinely accurate in hindsight. It took nearly two decades to suss out my predilacation for design, technology and productivity. This should give you a pretty shameless indicator of what I intend on covering on this small website: Design, Technology, and Productivity.

What you should know about me…

  1. 👨🏽‍🎨 I'm a Director of Product & Design at American Express, living and working in San Francisco. I received my Master's of Architecture from the Savannah College of Art & Design, and graduated in 2014.
  2. 🌱 I'm constantly looking for ways to increase my team's productivity by improving how we communicate, simplifing our processes, refining our craft, and growing the team.
  3. 🖥 I'm a certified geek, seven days a week… This means I'm reasonably obsessed with new apps, tools, and technology. I can think of worse vices for a person to have.

How should you navigate this site…

There is no right or wrong way to explore the content on The Next Waffle. Check-out what you think you'll enjoy, skip what you don't, and let me know what you think along the way.

  • The 🏡 Home Page is your best starting point for what's new.
  • If you find yourself more interested in a particular topic, you can use the filters on the Home Page or use these timely links: 👨🏽‍💻 Tools & Tech, 🤓️ Productivity, and 🖌️ Design. I'll post random and miscellaneous content as 🍚️ Potcake.
  • I also write the 💌 The Weekly Waffle. Every Sunday, just in time for brunch, I'll send you a roundup of what's new on The Next Waffle. It's essentially the same content as what's posted here with the added bonus of a Linked List with interesting links and brief commentary. You should subscribe. Not convinced? Check out the latest issue
  • You can get updates for new content via Twitter, RSS, or Apple News. If there's a particular service you use that isn't listed here, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Get In Touch

There's no point to having a website like this if there isn't any discourse and engaging candor. Don't be an introverted muggle; I genuinely want to hear from you. I've put together a handy page of all the different ways you can get in touch with me — even if it's just to say "Hello": 💬 Contact Me

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